Dr Rae Ann Weber

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Did you know that your incumbent Republican county coroner influenced the decision to shut down private businesses during the pandemic, and put masks on toddlers?

Doctor Weber will ensure integrity

Your county coroner's job is to contact next of kin when there is a death.




Public Policy Impact

Dr. Rae Ann Weber will be at the top of your ballot for coroner because 69.5% of delegates at the El Paso County Republican Assembly in April, voted to put their trust in Rae Ann Weber as coroner, over the current incumbent. 69.5%! 

Dr. Rae Ann is grateful for all your prayers and generous donations. Please go to ColoradoRecount.com to support the El Paso 7 candidates in our legal battle for free and fair elections. Blessings to you all as we fight to save our country!

Commitment, Integrity, Transparency Election Integrity is the number one challenge facing our country. I do not concede the 2022 primary race. Please join our effort to bring back transparency to El Paso County. Go to CORecount.com

 Know What a Coroner Does?

 Transparency & Truth are Essential


  • Responsible for Identification, notifies next of kin
  • Certifies cause and manner of death
  • Works with a team of medical professionals
  • Educates the public about preventable causes of death


Our current Coroner became an activist and has not represented the people of our county during his tenure. Never has it been more evident than during the Leftist draconian lockdowns, that we can not simply trust an official that holds office to act in the interest of citizens and respond to the will of the people. I believe that it is not the role of the government to save us, but instead to serve us. I am committed to ensuring that we retain our God given rights. On June 28th, you have the opportunity to right this wrong. Vote Rae Ann Weber for Coroner.

Vote Rae Ann Weber

Christian, Wife, Mother, Army Veteran, and small business owner. “I, like you, live conservative values and treasure our American Constitutional Freedoms. As a politically elected Coroner, I am beholden to YOU.”     

Being a Military Medical Doctor, I was well aware that a new vaccine should be stopped when over 50 deaths had been reported. When deaths from the covid vaccine surpassed 20,000, I knew politics had hijacked medicine.

As a Doctor, a mother, and a lover of freedom & truth, I am running for Coroner because I believe there is a better way forward.

You should be able to trust your coroner during a community health crisis to not become an activist, pushing political agendas that harm businesses and children. Telling the truth about death leads to better health or quality of life for the living. 


I’m not beholden to the CDC, NIH, Fauci, or big pharma… I’m beholden to YOU.

I’m here to be the voice of those who can’t speak for themselves anymore and for the families who love them. The job of Coroner, given to us in the Constitution, is not solely for our health and safety, but also to protect our freedoms.

Weber Family

Running a family medical business while educating kids in El Paso County public schools, we are negatively impacted just like anyone when trusted politicians are found to no longer be looking out for our best medical interests.

Why I Need Your Help:

I’m fighting for…..a change in El Paso County.

Allow me the chance to meet with you and your network, to share how I am fighting to protect your freedoms.