Both Dr. Weber’s have been in the front line in the community. Serving those with mental health challenges through the founding of Family Care Center.

Rae Ann in the Coroners office.



Dr. Rae Ann Weber is a family physician of 20 years, an Army Veteran, and a proud wife and mother of two teen boys. She has served our country as an active duty Army physician, and then went on to co-found the Family Care Center; Colorado Springs’ premier behavioral health practice, serving military families and the community members at large. She went on to found Direct Care, a treatment clinic to fight the Opioid Epidemic.

“As a freedom doctor, I have been fighting for individual rights to medical choice, access to Early Treatment for COVID, and against all vaccine mandates. I understand the unconstitutional shut-downs and their harm to our communities and that the masks are abusive to children. Further, I am dedicated to fighting for patient’s rights in determining their choices regarding vaccines as well as their preferences for hospital treatment protocols.”

As an active physician, Dr. Weber understands she is ethically bound to her patients, and to first Do No Harm. This also means she must advocate for the Individual patient. Dr. Weber has the Integrity and Leadership experience to ensure all death certificates are accurate, and clearly state the determining causes of death. She also believes our freedoms have been tread upon under the guise of inflated COVID case numbers and death rates. She will not sign any certificates that have not fully been investigated, and further vetted to ensure their accuracy.

“As your Coroner, I will, unfortunately sign death certificates. However, I will never sign the Death Certificate on your business, your children’s Educations, and any of our Constitutional Freedoms”