County Coroner Integrity Matters

Dr Rae Ann Weber for El Paso county Coroner

CHPF is proud to support Dr Weber

The coroner is elected to represent the will of the people and to accurately determine the cause and manner of death. Our current El Paso County Coroner has falsely inflated COVID deaths and refuses to investigate deaths related to the COVID “vaccines” or deaths related to ill advised hospital protocols that include remdesivir.

Why is this position so critical?

Our current Coroner became an activist and has not represented the people of our county during his tenure. Never has it been more evident than during the Leftist draconian lockdowns, that we can not simply trust an official that holds office to act in the interest of citizens and respond to the will of the people. I believe that it is not the role of the government to save us, but instead to serve us. I am committed to ensuring that we retain our God given rights. On June 28th, you have the opportunity to right this wrong.

Vote Rae Ann Weber for Coroner.